Miners are waiting to announce the instructions for allocating part of the export currency to imports of machinery and raw materials
Mining News - IMIDRO chairman of the board of directors said: "According to the government`s decision, import of minerals with internal capability is in the list of bans.

Mehdi Karbassian stated: "Exceptional cases that are in the intermediate group of critical needs or as mineral and chemical needs, such as graphite electrodes, are imported in group one," Mehdi Karbassian said. Other mineral items are also in the second group.

He added that $ 4200 per ton is for mineral imports, and if there are exceptional cases in contracts, $ 4200 will be allocated for import. If necessary, the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade will amend the import list.

Chief Executive Officer of IMIDRO, on the impact of new foreign currency exchange policies on the export of minerals to the Nima system, will affect exports and export earnings of minerals? He said that the government was obliged to take emergency decisions to control the exchange rate and increase the unawareness and book of its accounts. "But we have to admit that the export-earned currency must return to the grid in some way, and this is not entirely feasible," he continued. Hence, exporters should have the power to maneuver.

He noted: "Fortunately, in the past days, the central bank and the economic policymakers came to the conclusion that they would consider a system for exporters so that they could allocate a certain amount of their export earnings for the import of machinery and raw materials. He hoped that this issue would be announced in the coming days and could reduce the turmoil of the currency and moderate some of the psychological climate of price rises, which would stabilize the currency market.

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