Launching 3 steel plans by Industry and Mine Bank
"Mining News: Three steel designs of Madukto Steel Cord, Steel Gostar Athena and Zagros Avon Steel will be exploited by financing the industry and mining bank in Ilam province."

"With the use of the Modacoto Steel Cord Steel Project with a currency facility of 23 million euros and a $ 160,000 facility for 253 people, the Athena Steel Company with a currency exchange facility of 22 million euros and a $ 200,000 facility for 80 people and the Zagros Steel Project Avon with an exchange facility of 17 million euros and a $ 140,000 facility will create a direct job for 102 industry directors.

It is worth mentioning that Maddochto Steel Cord designs with an annual production capacity of 7500 tons of steel tread steel with 98 percent physical progress, Steel Steel Gateway Athena, a steel construction pillar with 69 percent physical progression and Zagros Avant steel with an annual capacity of 150 tons of steel ingots and 48% of the physical progress is behind their executive stages."

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