Europe will not negotiate with the United States until the abolition of tariffs
Sunday, July 22, 2018 - 1:12:17 PM

French finance minister Bruno Lumber told reporters on Saturday at a meeting of G20 members that the EU will not negotiate a free trade agreement with the United States until it cancels the metal tariffs.

According to IRNA, quoting Sputnik, he emphasized that such an action by Washington would be considered as the first and necessary step for the start of commercial negotiations.

"We will not negotiate when the weapons are on our heads," Lumber said.

French finance minister continued: "All of us, especially the European ones, are worried about the trade war that started weeks ago.

He added that this war will have only a few losers. The commercial war has destroyed employment and pushed the global economy.

Lumber called the US government`s commercial tariffs "the Forest Law" and said: We want the country to see the situation wisely, respect globalization as well as its allies.

In June, the US government imposed a 25 percent tariff for steel imports and a 10 percent tariff for aluminum imports.

This was faced with a sharp reaction from the EU, Mexico and Canada officials who did the same with a group of American products.

These tariffs have been the subject of dispute between the United States and its allies over the past months.

The last American trade war dates back to the 1930s, when the country`s congressional regime imposed heavy import tariffs at the height of the Great Depression, a move that, according to economists, aggravated the economic situation.

The G20 finance ministers` meeting (group twenty) will be held on Saturday and one-night in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.
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